Navy MUSE Microgrid Testbed at Port Hueneme

Innovator of the Year


At the 2018 Niagara Summit held in New Orleans, EnergyIQ was awarded as an Innovator of the Year, Finalist for groundbreaking innovation exhibited in the development and control of a UL 508 A industrial-grade microgrid test bed for the US Navy integrating various renewable energy assets.

121113-N-QK633-003 Aerial view to the SW of the Naval Base Ventura County - Port Hueneme deep water port.  This port is the only deep water port between Los Angeles and San Francisco and serves a vital role in the region. The California Channel Islands are visible offshore in the distance.  U.S. Navy photo by Public Affairs Specialist Vance Vasquez
PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Development and control of a UL 508 industrial-grade microgrid test bed for the US Navy integrating various renewable power assets.
NIAGARA HARDWARE & SOFTWARE: VYKON Web Supervisor and Phoenix Contact ILC 2050 BI running Niagara 4.3
TOTAL HARDWARE & SOFTWARE POINTS: Approximately 500 points
SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE DESCRIPTION: UL 508 Industrial PC running VYKON Niagara N4 Supervisor and remote Phoenix Contact ILC 2050 BI architecture running Niagara N4 providing integration to various Modbus-based microgrid components.
PROTOCOLS UTILIZED: Niagara network, Modbus, TCP, Modbus RTU, Direct I/O
SYSTEMS INTEGRATED: Fronius PV inverters, Dynapower BESS inverter, AQUION Batteries, Eaton9155 UPS, Weather Station, Simplex 1MVA Load Bank, GE Power Break II Intelligent Breakers, SEL 351S Minimum Import Relay, GE ION Power Meters
CUSTOM SOFTWARE & APPLICATIONS USED: Peak shaving strategies, battery optimization, battery charging via PV power, development of test mode scenarios to simulate various power management strategies.
ENERGY & OPERATIONAL SAVINGS DATA: System has been developed to test various technologies and develop energy and operational savings data including peak shaving (demand limiting), PV/BESS optimization, load-side management. Analytics allow for data comparison during various operational scenarios.