Service Agreement FAQs

Answers for Florida customers only.

What is a service agreement?

EnergyIQ offers service agreements to define the role of EnergyIQ in supporting the facility’s building management system and facility staff. EnergyIQ warranties controllers and controlling equipment installed by EnergyIQ for one year from the date of completion. After completion, unless agreed upon in writing, EnergyIQ will not adjust or maintain the building management site without a facility representative’s request/approval. The building management site (plus provided training) is designed to empower facility management and staff to control the building according to its needs. Without a service agreement, EnergyIQ does not guarantee response timing.

Are there any system requirements for a service agreement?

Yes. EnergyIQ requires remote access to your building management site. We can accomplish this through a variety of methods to accommodate facility security requirements.  

How much does a service contract cost?

As every building management site is different, EnergyIQ will create a tailored agreement to meet your facility needs. Please email [email protected] for more information.

What are the advantages of a service agreement?

Service agreements outline and ensure that EnergyIQ will provide monthly service in the form of remote system review, maintaining and implementing software updates, and overseeing emailed alarm notifications. Service agreements may also include formal monthly reporting and quarterly equipment audit. 

What is formal monthly reporting?

Formal monthly reporting is an additional service that provides the facility with insights about equipment performance and recommendations for preventative maintenance. Insights and recommendations are created after thorough review of system data.

What is a quarterly equipment audit?

A quarterly equipment audit requires an EnergyIQ technician to inspect the mechanical equipment to make sure that our controls are functioning properly.

What is the best way to request support?

The best way to request/schedule support from EnergyIQ, whether it is technical support via telephone or a service call to your facility, is through our [email protected]. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CONTACT ENERGYIQ TECHNICIANS DIRECTLY. 


The EnergyIQ HelpDesk is staffed with skilled technicians and effective staff to provide your facility with the service it needs. By using the [email protected] to communicate your facility needs, you will ensure the fastest response. 

Why can’t I just call the technician I know?

The technician you know may not be available, out of range of cell service, on a noisy construction site, out of town, or even on vacation. The best way to communicate any issues that you are having with your system is to put them in writing via [email protected]


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